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Set in an ideal North Woods lakefront setting, our private cottages are perfect for a variety of uses from a yearly family get together to a quiet escape. Join us for your perfect Up North vacation. Our grandparents, Dona and Ed Richter brought these cabins to the property in the mid 80s when they wanted a place on the lake to spend their weekends. The cottages themselves came from other "camps" and were transported to the lake lot (one was even pulled across the lake in the middle of winter via snowmobiles!) They then became a labor of love for the next 25 years as they rented them out to families, many of whom became close friends over the years. We, the grandkids took over ownership in 2016 with the hope from our grandparents that we would enjoy them with our own families. We have updated the cottages but hope to maintain the charm and loving touch our grandparents put into these family cottages. 


Our two vacation homes, both two-bedroom, are fully equipped, newly remodeled and immaculately clean for your vacation pleasure. Cottage 1 will serve as your farmhouse away from home while Cottage 2 will give you a true north woods cabin home feel. Both homes include flat screen TVs, fully quipped kitchen and automatic gas heat.  The conveniently arranged kitchen has a gas range with oven, refrigerator, toaster, microwave, coffee maker and sink. Open shelving adds to the feel of an open space ready to host your group.  Comfy furniture and cozy beds will make our homes feel like your home.

 Sorry, we do not furnish sheets or towels.

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